This is my compilation of Scarred Lands material. You can contact me with feedback, donations, or offers of assistance at
I am looking into compiling an XML document of all the spells in the Scarred Lands. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact me at the email above.
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I will no longer be maintaining these links with updated versions for the time being. Please visit the forums for the latest versions.
Scarred Lands Prestige Class Index
Download the .pdf file 424KB

Scarred Lands Wiz/Sor Spell Index
Download the .pdf file 55K

Scarred Lands Druid Spell Index
Download the .pdf file 28K

Scarred Lands Cleric Spell Index
Download the .pdf file 95K

Scarred Lands True Ritual Index
Download the .pdf file 17K

Scarred Lands Feats
Download the .pdf file 89KB

Scarred Lands Special Materials
Download the .pdf file 40KB

Alternate Druid Companion Progression Chart This spreads out the HD increases for a druid's companion so they don't gain 2HD at a time. It makes the companion a lot more dynamic and it changes as the druid changes.

Download the .pdf file 9KB
Special Item Components for use in Magic Item Creation
These are my house rules for magic item creation using rare components from a creature in magic item creation.
Download the .pdf file 18KB.

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